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Why a database?

Databases do more than just hold data. They help solve problems, answer questions and make decisions. Using a database allows you to have a global and immediate view of its information.

Our customers use our solutions to manage all their logistics, which are often complex - among other things, this includes communication with their customers and suppliers, management of works and/or objects in a collection, and editing of necessary documents.

From a careful analysis of your needs to installation and training, we support you in all stages of the project by making you benefit from our experience.

We have been collaborating closely with our clients for more than 15 years now: art dealers, galleries, private collectors and institutions, independent exhibition curators, artists, rights holders, workshop funds ...

Performance and ease of use

We put great effort into making applications that are both powerful and ergonomic, taking into account your work habits and your infrastructure. The care given to the interface, like the rest of the components, is intended to make the daily use of our solutions easy and enjoyable.

All our applications can be installed and used on macOS, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Windows. In some configurations, such as network sharing, compatibility can be extended to other systems through a web interface.

Depending on your needs, an application can be single or multi-user, it can be installed on a local network or in the cloud. We can provide you with the remote hosting on our dedicated servers.

Installation macOS / Windows

Installation on Mac or PC

Installation iOS

Installation on iPad or iPhone

Installation Cloud

Installation on Cloud

Competitive prices

Our structure is light; depending on the needs of the project, we collaborate punctually with graphic designers and independent developers. Every specifications draft is carefully considered to meet your budget.

Do not hesitate to submit your project, we will find the most suitable solution.

FileMaker Pro, a reference tool

FileMaker Pro 17 icon

We chose FileMaker, a reference tool in the development of multi-platform database applications.

As a member of FileMaker Business Alliance, we benefit from preferential rates for our customers.