Help for vCollection

Collection for iOS is compatible with all iPhone and iPad supporting iOS 10.2 and higher.

For optimal comfort, an iPhone 6 or later is recommended.

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This mode allows you to connect to your remote data if you are using a version of vCollection hosted on our servers and shared between different devices (Mac and Windows computers, as well as the iPhone and iPad are supported). To do this, you need to enter the path of your collection (example: server / name_of_my_collection), your username and password. An internet connection is required. Changes made here will be reflected on all connected devices.

If you want to save an offline, local version of your collection, start the Demo mode, click the Settings buttonsettings on the left bottom of the first window, then Update from the cloud in the Sharing section. Data imported from the server can be viewed offline. Offline changes are only valid for your device. Remember to regularly update your data from the server.

The Remoteserver icon tells you that you are viewing data in the remote mode of use.


If you are not a registered user of vCollection, the demo version allows you to discover vCollection app through some preregistered sample data. These records can be modified or replaced, but their number is limited to 30. They are there only as an example.

A small DeviceiPhoneicon tells you that you are viewing data in the offline mode of use.


In the Record mode, make a two finger swipe to switch between records: from the left to the right if you want to go to the previous record, or from the right to the left for the next record. If you prefer the arrow navigation, you can display them via the Settingssettings. > Show navigation arrows. The Settings button giving access to this panel is placed on the left bottom of the second screen (displayed after you click Sign In or Demo).

On the iPhone, a single click on the image displays it in full-screen mode. A second click displays it on a black background. Swipe the image down with one finger or pinch it to exit the full screen mode.


Find quickly what you want by clicking the Quick Search button on the top right of the screen. For an advanced search, on the iPhone, display first the Record mode then click on the magnifying glass icon. On the iPad, click the button + on the left bottom of the windows, then on Advanced search.

If after a search, records are displayed only in part, click the display records button (e.g. 1/14) on the bottom of the window, to display all records.