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Management software for art galleries and art dealers.

vGallery - software for art galleries - desktop version

Simplicity and ergonomics

vGallery offers a user friendly interface, designed to be simple and intuitive. Everybody can take control of vGallery within a few hours, even people who do not usually work with sophisticated computer tools. The needed information can be found in seconds and all everyday tasks become easier.

Crossed data

Thanks to its structure, vGallery allows you to view and enter information from one module to another one. You can enter the address of a customer in an invoice without typing it, find the buyer's name in the artwork record, add the selected artworks to an event, choose the artist's name in a prerecorded list to avoid typos; all this can be done in one click.

Invaluable time saving

Those of our users who work alone or in small structures know it well: vGallery is a true assistant, reliable and loyal! It helps you to prepare an exhibition with all necessary documents (price lists, labels, tags, etc.) in a few minutes, create a customer proposal and send it by email in one click, with image and caption attached, or create a PDF file using your graphical identity. Press releases, invitations shipments, transport lists, with vGallery everything can be prepared in no time.

Sharing and remote access

You can choose to share the database via your local network or host it on our dedicated server. In both cases, all users can work simultaneously and data is accessible in real time. Sharing via local network allows you to work even if the internet connection is down, while the remote hosting gives you access to your database everywhere, download the Technical Note.

Affordable price

We are trying to maintain vGallery affordable, especially for small galleries. The acquisition of the license is a single purchase, in all transparency. There are no subscription fees that would bind you nor any additional cost, unless you choose the Cloud version. Training and six month support are included, as well as all updates.
The new versions of vGallery are available at a special rate for our registered users.

  Some other reasons...

The best way to see if vGallery suits your requirements is to try it. Download the trial version, it’s free!
And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us via the contact page.

Main features

  Systems compatibility

Windows, Mac, iOS.

  Managing artworks

You can list the artworks with key information such as artist's name, title, date of creation, dimensions, etc. The input of additional information such as location, availability, technique or category is facilitated by the dropdown lists, created as you enter values.
Each artwork can be represented by 3 images. Images can be resized automatically while inserting them or later on, in order to be sent by email, along with the work's description. Numerous print templates allow you to print and save as PDF the lists, certificates of authenticity, artworks presentation sheets, etc.

  Managing events

You can record any type of events: exhibition, art fair, consignment, customer proposal, etc., then easily create and print all kind of documents you need: price lists, labels in several formats, tags, consignment forms, lists of insured values... You can automatically add selected works to an event, class events by category and view related events directly in the work record.

  Managing contacts

vGallery includes a complete address book module, which makes it simple to manage your contacts. You can create mailinglist, group contacts by categories; personalize each contact with an unlimited number of subcategories such as interests, favorite artists, preferences, etc...
You can prepare the mailing of invitations depending on country or tariff zone and choose your favorite label template.
Invoices related to the contact are automatically displayed in the contact record.
Thanks to support of vCard, you can export and import contacts without going through a manual entry.

  Edition and printing of invoices

You can create any type of invoices: sales, commission, pro-forma, credit note, etc... Information relative to client and artwork can be automatically fulfilled from the Address Book and Works module.
The calculation of prices with or without taxes, tax amounts, discounts and balance due is done automatically.
Unpaid invoices are indicated by a color icon while the payments table allows you to manage installments.
The Export data to Microsoft Excel feature will greatly facilitate the task of your Accounting Service, during the annual review.

  Managing books

You can list the books available for sale or for consultation, with all their details: price, ISBN number, number of copies in stock, etc... Registered books can be found in the Invoicing module and added to an invoice in one click. You can also search, sort, create lists of books according to your desired criteria.

  Managing documents and press articles

Press & Documents module allows you to import articles as Word or PDF documents or compressed in .zip folders. You can create categories and classify items according to the subject, link them to an event, artist, etc...

  Search, Automation, Printing

The first goal of a database is to help you find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. vGallery fulfills this role thanks to its powerful search capabilities. Combined with its sorting features, it allows you to organize the information you need in a specific hierarchy.
Found data can be exported, printed or, when it's possible, transferred to another module.
The interoperability between modules greatly accelerates the input of information while avoiding typos.
Printing templates are customizable. They cover almost all printing needs the art gallery can have. You can also create PDF documents, natively on Mac and iOS and using a free software on Windows.

  Import, Export, Sharing

vGallery recognizes vCard and most other formats so you can quickly import your contacts from other applications.
You can add artworks by importing images per batch. Then, you can assign categories, series, etc., to works created this way in a single operation.
You can transfer your data to Microsoft Word, in order to have an almost unlimited choice of templates for letters and labels. You can also easily export data to other applications using one of most current formats.
The database can be shared between multiple users which allows them to work simultaneously.


The main menu is flexible. You can organize menus according to your preferences and hide the modules you do not use.
A General Preferences panel and a separate preferences panel for each module are available.
The Identity panel allows you to insert the header and footer with your logo and information. vGallery also includes customizable print templates.

We provide the personalization of print templates on demand. You just need to provide us with an example of documents in one of the current formats (PDF, Word, InDesign, Illustrator). Prices depend on number of templates you wish to personalize. Please contact us for more details.

  Supported languages

French, English, Italian. The language is selected dynamically according to that of your operating system.