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Before viewing the help manual, check if your question has not already been addressed in the FAQ below.


Frequently Asked Questions

 1I just purchased vBook v4, but I cannot activate it. Can you tell me what to do?

To activate your copy of vBook, launch it and go to the menu Help > Enter Activation Code at the top of the screen. Enter the parameters you received by email (use copy paste to avoid typos), then click Activate.

 2I downloaded the trial version, but I did not have the time to use it.

This affects previous versions of vBook. The latest version no longer expires in time. You can test it without rushing.

 3My trial version has expired. Will I find my data if I buy the software?

Yes, all the data entered during the test period are saved, you will find them once you activate vBook.

 4I do not remember my activation code for vBook, what should I do?

If you can not find the email you received at the time of purchase, use the contact form on this website to ask for the activation code again. Take care to indicate the username and/or the email address you used for your purchase.

 5I often travel and I use my phone for everything. Do you have a solution in order to use vBook on my mobile?

The current version of vBook exists for iPhone and iPad and can be installed through the Apple AppStore. If you are using vBook v4, we advise you to upgrade to v5.

 6Is it possible to install it on several computers, and have the changes made automatically on all computers?

In the current version, it is possible, but you cannot work on the database simultaneously. You can install vBook in a shared folder such as Dropbox (see question n° 8 below); the database file will be automatically synchronized on all computers connected to Dropbox. All users should work under the same operating system (Mac OS or Windows).

 7If I want to use vBook on two computers, should I buy two licenses?

If you are managing a unique database (the same artist or identity) you can install vBook on two computers with the same license.

 8Dropbox - how should I procede to install vBook in a shared Dropbox folder?

You could share vBook between two computers, for example between your workshop and your home, using a cloud service such as Dropbox. Note that you can not use vBook simultanously on both computers with this system; you risk to duplicate data.

You must give Dropbox time to synchronize the data before switching from one computer to the other.

To install vBook in the Dropbox folder, choose this folder during installation by clicking Select Folder... button, or if you have already installed vBook, move the whole vBook v4 folder to the Dropbox folder.

You need wait for Dropbox to synchronize the entire vBook folder on the second computer before you start using vBook on it.

If you need to work with vBook on several computers at the same time, please contact us. We provide services adapted to this use.

 9How does vBook work on iPad and what features are available when using it on the tablet?

On iPad, vBook works almost the same way as on macOS.

10Can I install vBook on an Android tablet?

Unfortunately this is not possible, vBook mobile version works only on iOS (iPhone and iPad).

11Is it possible to print from vBook labels and a list of works with prices included?

Yes, you can print a list of works (as a list or catalog) as well as labels from the Works and/or Events module. Events module also allows you to export data to Microsoft Word which gives a quite unlimited choice of label templates.

12I have a Mac. Can I import my contacts from my Address Book?

Yes, vBook recognizes the vCard format; export your contacts from Mac Contacts then import them into vBook (go to File > Import vCard).
If you have created groups in the Mac application, the group name will be imported into Category 2 field.

13I want to know how to put my name in place of "Artist Name"? Should I create my own logo?

Yes, you need to replace the sample images of the trial version with your own header and footer. Your files should be prepared in one of the following formats: PDF (595 x 90 px), PNG or JPEG (2479 x 375 px), with a white background, at 300 dpi.

Tip: make a right-click on the sample image then export it and use it to prepare your own header and footer. See also the Online User Guide chapter Basic features -> Options -> Identity for more information about it.

14Is it possible to import several images at the same time?

If you have an image folder on your computer and you did not start yet to create records in Works module, the faster way to create records is to import a folder containing the images first, then complete the fields (when you import a folder, a record is automatically created for each image file).

To import a folder of images go to File > Import Records. In the following steps choose Works as module name and Folder as source. Indicate the location of your images folder, click Continue then Import in the next window.

15Why did the images disappear from records?

If you have stored images only as reference you probably moved or deleted them from your computer. See the Online User Guide chapter Basic features > Entering data > Insert multimedia files for more details.

16I have to change my computer and transfer data contained in vBook. How to proceed?

You can copy the whole vBook v5 folder on the new computer, or download a new version then import your data from a backup. See the Online User Guide for more details (chapter Advanced Features > Import Data).

17Why did the software execution become very slow?

If you import a large number of images in high definition and if your computer is not recent, it can occur that the execution of certain commands cause slowness in displaying records. To solve this problem, import your images only as reference or reduce their dimensions.

Sometimes, replacing the vBook database file (vBook_db.vb5) with a saved compacted copy can also help. Also, you should maybe consider to defragment your hard disk.

18I am a photographer and I create multiple editions of the same work. Is there a way to manage the different editions of the same work, or I need to make an individual record for each print?

When you create a new record in vBook, it's set by default as a first copy. If your work consists of several copies, you can add it by clicking the Duplicate button. A dialog box asks if you simply want to duplicate the work's record or create a new copy of the same work.

Tip: if you click Duplicate while pressing the Alt key, the record will be duplicated without the dialog box.

19Why do I get a security alert during installation on Windows 10?

When you install an application from an unknown developer, Windows 10 warns you of the potential danger that such an operation can represent.

We are Apple Certified Developers, but not Windows yet. However, our applications do not risk damaging your Windows systems. You can allow the installation without worrying